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    Discovering Credentials In-Use Within BMC Discovery

    Philip Booth
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      Hello, I'm after finding out which credentials are in use within BMC Discovery (ADDM)?  I want to carry out some housekeeping and remove the credentials that are not used. Is there any way I can run a report to find this out?

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          Andrew Waters

          There is no simple way to do this.


          The DeviceInfo node has a last_credential but this is only the main credential. Things which use multiple credentials, e.g. vCenter and SNMP, are not recorded there.

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            Bernard Stern

            I just did that recently. There are some credential that we obviously use, there were a couple we obviously did not use, and some I was not sure. I contacted the owners of the target systems to find out if the credential I has was still configured there. I also disabled (not deleted) credentials and after a few days compared the numbers. An illustration to the last point: when they upgraded the software on the vCenter, the syntax of the username needed to be changed. Suddenly I no longer had any ESXes, that's how I found out about the software upgrade on the vCenter.