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    TSO DevStudio: Tokens in XSLT messing up

    Johannes Richter
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      Hi Community,


      It happens to me more and more often that tokens disappear in my XSLT transformations or the assignment between context item and token name changes.

      Especially often it happens with a long list of tokens.


      Does anyone else have the problem and/or know why this happens?

      It's very annoying because it always happens when you change something in another part of the process and then save the process even you did not touch the assign/XSLT transformation.



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          Greg Michael

          Can you provide some examples and logs?  I can't say that I've encountered your issue specifically, but I'm not 100% sure that I understand what it is that you are having happen to you.


          Also, what version of TSO are you running?  What version of Dev Studio?  What version of Content is imported into the Repo?  What OS platform is TSO running on?