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    Private Certificate Remedy Single Sign-On

    Michael Rees
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      Can anyone confirm that my instructions are correct when creating a Private Certificate in RSSO v18.02 we use Local User Management for authentication:


      1. On Windows set a path to keytool

      2. Locate loginvault.ks Mine is in (D:\Program Files\BMC Software\TrueSightRSSO\rsso\conf\secure\), and make a copy then rename it to loginvault-update.ks

      3. Delete any alias that reside in the keystore using the default password "changeit"

      4. Using keytool generate the CSR answering the question related to your company

      5. Send the CSR for signing.

      6. When the cer file is signed combine the Primary cer > Intermediate cer and root cer together in that order

      7. Using ketool import the combined cer file

      8. Rename the loginvault.ks to loginvault.ks.<dateTimeStamp>  and loginvault-update.ks file to loginvault.ks

      9. Restart RSSO services.