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    How to add RequestNumber to the URL link for Approve/Reject buttons within Email

    Miroslav Horvath
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      Hi, I need some advice. As you may know, there is an option that Requests can be approved over Email, using template "Approval_By_Email_Content_en". You will get the email, where you have 2 fields Approve/Reject, and when you click on it, it opens a new mail with some data and RequestNumber ( "Approve request REQ000000009536"). There is a url link within the template like: <a href="mailto:#$18087$#?subject=Approve request #$$Request ID02 Ticket$$#&amp;body=#DO NOT MODIFY FOLLOWING TEXT#%0AAction:Modify%0AServer:$SERVER$%0ASchema:AP:Detail-Signature%0



      And need to do the similar function. I have created a notification directly on SRM:Request form, and when something happens it sends to me a notification. Within the notification there ae also some buttons, and for the button I have this syntax: <a href="mailto:#$18087$#?subject=Confirm request #$$Request ID02 Ticket$$#&.....

      The problem is, that when I click on that button, it opens a new email, the reply address from the field 18087 works, but the Request ID within the subject is empty. I don't know, how to achieve the same functionality (which works for notification comming from SRM:RequestApDetailSignature) , that the Request ID02 field will be also filled with the ticketID and will be available within that URL.

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