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    How to control the granularity of rest API peformance data?

    Andrew Nevill
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      I've been trying to use the  TruSight Presentation server   REST API to get some performance data  for a particular device and monitor.


      Specifically the perfdata  API


      Retrieving the performance data of monitor instances - Documentation for BMC TrueSight Presentation Server 11.3 - BMC Do…


      It is working for me  but I only seem to be able to retrieve  hourly average data points.     


      Anyone know if there is any way to control the granularity of  data returned please ?    


      My use case is, for example,  try to retrieve  VM  CPU and memory metrics for a testing team  - after they have run a 2 hour long performance test.


      The UI shows  detailed graphs  ( data points at 1 minute intervals)  so I wanted to get that same data, however,  from what I read in the docs and what I find by trying it out  the best I can do is

      get  72 hourly data points showing average data ?


      Responses from the API tell me I have to specify request parameters with a  minimum window of one hour.


      {"requestTimeStamp":"2019-11-14T10:46:49","responseTimeStamp":"2019-11-14T10:46:49","statusCode":"400","statusMsg":"Bad Request","responseMsg":"Invalid request parameter: [Incorrect time interval, valid time range is [1,72] hours]","responseContent":null}


      If I specify a 2 hour window  I get two data points,  3 hours - 3 points,  and so on  


      Is there a different API or some other way to do this ?