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    My questions are about how licensing works

    Annie Beaulieu
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      My questions are about how licensing works

      State of the current situation.

      Currently we have 46 people using Server-Current Users (fix and floating)

      Fix 20 , Floating 26


      We have 86 licences AR User Fixed  and 65 AR user Floating

      Also we have 20 BMC Service Management Specialist – User licence Add-on and

      16 BMC Service Management Specialist – Floating user licences Add-on

      My first question: Why with the low rate of connection we have problems of licenses which here is the message ARERR 8932 You do not have write 
      license. ARERR332 You are not in the field before the record is saved.
      This message is often given to users who have AR server floating licenses.


      My second question: When I assign a fixed license to a user, I have the following count
      The new user has received a fixed license type: Write 74 of 89 (ARNOTE 31) while in total we have 106 fix (86 + 20) 
      I have the impression that he does not see the addition of our new specialist licenses.
      What should we do to find where it does not work?

      Thanks for your help

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