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    Custom Report Track-It 20.19.02 that shows tickets and assignments

    Kathy Pauley
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      We are trying to create a custom report that lists tickets with ticket data, as well as the assignment data for each assignment record associated with that ticket.  Our report writer wants to do a join between the ticket and assignment tables, and can see how to do that in the Dev Express documentation, but cannot figure out how to do it via the report creation tool in Track-It.   We submitted a support ticket and was told that this could not be addressed by Track-It support, only directly with the 3rd party vendor, which makes no sense.  The support person then sent us the Track-It data model, which is great, but still doesn't help us figure out the steps.  Has anyone tried to create this type of custom report, or something similar?  Are we trying to do something that isn't logical or possible?  Any feedback is appreciated.