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    How to promote Assignment to a Ticket (Track-IT 2019)

    John Kenney
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      How can I promote an assignment to its own ticket?

      Also, how to "downgrade" a ticket to an assignment & assign it to an existing ticket?

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          Cris Coffey

          Hey John, this isn’t possible in Track-It! 2019 but we are working on something we feel is better based on customer feedback. Assignments are really tasks that have to be performed as part of a ticket and the ability to group tickets together is a different workflow that is more like problem management. In Track-It! 11.x and prior, we had no way to create true Parent and Child tickets so everyone used the Assignments to accomplish both the Task and the Problem Management workflow. We are currently working on a feature that will allow you to actually group tickets under a Parent Ticket. All of those tickets can still have individual assignment tasks as well. This will allow users to handle the Assignment (Tasks) and also perform a bit of Problem Management and link a bunch of related tickets under 1 parent ticket. ETA on the Parent/Child ticket feature is our next release which will either be a late December or mid-January release depending on how things work out.

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            John Kenney

            Thanks for that insight, Cris.

            For this case, I will simply copy the information from the assignment to a new ticket, then remove/delete the assignment.