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    How to get an output from a Mainframe job using the API?

    Felipe Locci
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      Does anyone knows how to list a sysout from a Mianframe Job(JCL) using the  Control-m Automation/API?

      I've tried to do this and the message below has returned:



      ctm run job:output::get "controlm:LHGNQ"


        "errors": [


            "message": "job control:LHGNQ, rerun not found"




      CLI syntax

      ctm run job:output::get


      ctm  -v




      REST sysntax

      curl -H "Authorization: Bearer $token" "$endpoint/run/job/$jobId/output/?runNo=0"

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          Adriano Gomes

          Hi Felipe Locci


          in order to successful get the job sysout from Z/os runs you will need to provide an USER that is allowed to perform the action on Z/os side, that means the user defined on the API Environment utilized to get the  initial Authentication token must map to an Existing Z/os Security system valid user. Our shop utilize a distinct user env for Z/os service calls.


          Once you have that, you need to provide the correct "controlm" name and valid active job order id.

          The correct CTM API service call is : ctm run job:output::get <jobId> [runNo]


          where <jobId> is "<controlm name>:<job order id>"

          "controlm name" is the name of the active gateway that connect to Z/Os Control-M.

          runNo: defalult is last run.


          I Hope You make it.



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            Paul Robins

            Hi Felipe, it seems that for mainframe you need to specify the JES JOBID.


            In EM, when you look at the output history for a Windows job, the run number is sequential:

            When you look at a mainframe job output history it shows the JES JOBID:

            The only way I can think to work around this is to perform a job:log::get and parse the response to identify the JOBNAME/JOBID.

            I wonder if BMC would class this as a bug? As the job log clearly shows the RUN NUMBER=xxxxx details.