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    Content is not allowed in prolog error when trying to import data

    Scott Carpenter
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      I get this error when I try to import some data from a CSV file.  I have done so much reading on this error but I can't find a solution that works.

      1. I first converted the normal spreadsheet to a csv file and that's when I first encountered the error.
      2. I then tried opening another blank spreadsheet and copied the values to the csv, and did a Paste Special, and only pasted the valued and NOT the formatting.  Still ran into the problem.
      3. The spreadsheet is rather large, so I tried just importing a small sample of the data, and got the same thing.
      4. This morning, I created a brand new spreadsheet/csv file that had nothing to do with the actual data I've been attempting to import it.  So now, it's happening any time I try to do an import.