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    Track-it migration 11.4-2019 field comparison

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      Because we've done some customization and repurposing of fields in Track-it 11.4's purchasing module, I'm trying to setup a new template for the Purchasing module in this Dev version we just setup of 2019 before I migrate data.


      Is there some documentation that shows what fields (if any) are brand new to 2019 vs 11.4?


      Example - looking at the default purchase module form in 2019, there's a "status" field.  In 11.4, we were using a field named "status" in Track-it, but in the SQL database it was called PO_TEXT3 so I think it was just one of the custom text fields we added. 


      Is there a way to tell where these fields will end up in the new Track-it purchase order template fields in 2019, before actually trying to migrate the data? 


      One of the reasons I'm worried about status in particular is because the migration info says "The tool migrates the Status of the purchase order. If the 11.4.x purchase order contains a Received date, the migrated Purchase Order status is Closed. If the quantity of received Purchase Items is greater than zero, but less than the total quantity ordered, the migrated Purchase Order status is Partially Received. For all other conditions of the quantity of received items, the migrated Purchase Order status is Open."


      Since we enter custom statuses, I don't want the migration to suddenly change those statuses.  However since it seems like we weren't using the "real" status field in 11.4, then maybe this won't affect the data I'm migrating.