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    Migrating from 11.4 to 2019 - purchase field repurposing

    DDS Acquisitions
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      • We've setup a dev version of Track-it 2019. 
      • We're only using the Purchasing Module but we use it as a purchase tracking tool. 
      • We don't actually generate purchase orders from Track-it.
      • Because we didn't need things like the "ship to" fields (because we don't generate the full purchase orders for our department, we just track our IT purchases), In the 11.4 version, we repurposed existing fields (this was before my time).
        • Example - "ship to" is actually our "Product title" field.  Like a general descriptive summary for the purchase order.
        • If I pull our data into Excel straight from the database server, it still pulls in with the original field titles.  We just changed their display names within Track-it. 
      • I'm getting ready to migrate data to to the 2019 Track-it and want to change these things so we could use these fields properly.  So like what we're using Ship To for now, I want to direct to migrate into one of the custom text fields instead in the new custom PO form I'm creating.


      Any tips on tweaking these things before/during migration?