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    KB 000160561 download not working

    Thomas Miskiewicz
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      We're trying to install the security patch for Mid Tier 19.08. Didn't work but we found this Unable to deploy Midtier 18.08 patch 1 deployment package on 9.1.04 server - ERROR 9713, ERROR 306


      But there are two problem with this:


      1.  we're on 9.1.03 and we don't feel like upgrading.

      2. the download link promising To resolve you must apply a 9.1.04 AR Server hotfix (SR_9104P2_20181210_CU_ALL.ZIP) available at this link doesn't work...


      Do you guys know how to get hold of that SR_9104P2_20181210_CU_ALL.ZIP file and how we can apply it without the deployment console?