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    Upgrading Tomcat on ARS Admin and MidTier servers

    John Cook
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      In my Preproduction environment I've upgraded Apache Tomcat on three servers one ARS Admin server and two MidTiers from version 7 to 8.5.47. We're on version 9.1 of Remedy with SmartIT 1.5


      Apache Tomcat appears to have installed successfully but I cant launch my application as I get an HTTP Status 404 - Not Found

      Type Status Report

      Message /arsys

      Description The origin server did not find a current representation for the target resource or is not willing to disclose that one exists


      I've principally being using the following documentation to guide me


      - please note - I didn’t update armonitor on the Admin server because I didn’t
      see any Tomcat entry to change, and on the midtiers I couldn’t find an
      armonitor file in my environment.



      The initial reason for upgrading Tomcat is to resolve TLS vulnerabilities. I received support from the communities helping me with the relevant updates to server.xml re TLS and ciphers but on my servers running Tomcat 7 I couldn't get this to both work and pass security vulnerability scans and BMC / Fusion advised that this was because of the version of Tomcat we are on. This seemed to make sense as our Single Sign On server which was already using Tomcat 8 is working fine and showing no vulnerabilities


      thank you very much for any help advice you can provide