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    Control-D batch Print mission query

    Heath Robertson
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      I am wanting to have a batch print mission that will do some post processing and formatting of outout before its placed onto the JES output queue for printing...


      I haven't been able to find a way to pass the data from the BATCH Skeleton CTDPRINT step into a temporary dataset, or permanent, for a subsequent step to process.


      Has anyone managed anything like this and how did they do it?


      I have seen;




      None of these options are quite what i had in mind.


      If I can help it I didn't want to need a separate job to post process the seql=filename dataset... option..


      Did I miss somehting buried somewhere in the doco?


      Any ideas appreciated,





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          Michael Jankowski


          I read your request with interest and am surprised that there are other ControlD customers besides us!

          Thanks for that.


          What kind of data is this? Line Mode or Page Mode data?

          I usually use the CTDAMUTI utility to process my print data. It is also possible to define a Print-2-File Print Mission (CATEGORY SEQL-FILE,NOBANNER) and write the data into a seq.file. In the ControlD Admin Guide you can find some information here.