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    Dummy vs Run as Dummy

    Gale Leonard
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      What is the difference between Dummy vs Run as Dummy.

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          Mark Francome

          There is no real difference in the way they work in the flow. Dummy is the older option and is set at the jobtype level. Run as Dummy allows you to keep the jobtype (i.e. OS or file watcher or whatever) as is and still run a dummy job.


          I don't know if it is still the case but I know that in old versions if you switched a file watcher job to jobtype = dummy then you lost some of the settings of the FW. Then, if you "un-dummied" it, you'd be left wondering why your file watcher didn't have a target file to look for.

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            Mahendra Vakati

            DUMMY Job: We use as a filler/bridge when required. lets say JOB 'B' is dependent on JOB 'A'. 'A' is Weekday job and 'B' is All Days job, on Weekends Job 'B' will be waiting for Job 'A'. In this situation we'll use Dummy Job 'A' on weekends to pass condition and run Job 'B'. This is just an example, there are several other situations where DUMMY job is used.


            Run as DUMMY: This is like a regular job but sometimes you don't want to run this job and continue batch as usual without removing the jobs and you can revert it to OS job whenever you required. For example Job 'A' runs a bat file and Job 'B' runs a file transfer. you got a requirement to stop Job 'A' for a week and run only Job 'B' due to an activity. in this scenario you can make Job 'A' Run As Dummy and continue as it is. after a week you can uncheck Run As Dummy, that's it JOB 'A' becomes regular job again.


            Hope this clarifies.



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              Gale Leonard

              Thank you for your response.



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                Tully Krastins

                Hi Gale,


                Dummy is an actual job type that performs a no-op. It is a very handy mechanism for managing and manipulating flows. As an example, consider a large flow - several hundred jobs that comence execution at different times on different days - 08:00 on Mon-Fri, 10:00 on Sat and 1:00 PM on Sunday. One flow with 3 dummy jobs for the start times solves that scheduling problem. Perhaps we have several disparate processes that are dependencies for a number of critical processes. A dummy job could be the perfect hub to manage all.


                Run as Dummy to me is a tool for when I have a job defined to do real processing that I wish to bypass. We are a large SAP shop. I may need to set up some processing flows that will interface with SAP. I don't necessarily want to run the SAP program butI can test the remaining flow by dummying out the SAP jobs for my continuity testing - by checking Run As Dummy. When ready, I uncheck it and the SAP job is active again.




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                  Adriano Gomes

                  HI Tully Krastins


                  Pretty well Explained with real world examples.

                  You Trully sound like a Professional, teaching business language that sells the value of software capability not the function. I would grant you with #SUCESS tag if I had the Power.


                  I share the same thoughts about this capability except by the fact that it was not intentionally designed for that, but to overcome smart folders flows bad behavior bug with the CTM_FOLDER_ADJUST_DUMMY parameter and, so with this new RUN As Dummy option, it is now very easy to turn OFF an OP Job.


                  Also, the RUN Now with adjust Dummy option which also allow very flexibly you turn Off and Active real job processing as DUMMY by selecting  with Run as Dummy Job into Bypass options.  I love IT, the last minute intervention to Active Jobs.




                  My Best



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                    Mark Francome

                    We forgot one big difference, the dummy job shows this little cutie -


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                      Tully Krastins

                      Hi Adriano,


                      Thank you for your kind words. Coming from a true professional like you, they are truly special to me. As for the CTM_FOLDER_ADJUST_DUMMY parameter, I prefer to use the saner and cleaner Adjust Conditions = Yes feature now available for SMART folders.

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                        Tully Krastins

                        Hi Mark,


                        How could we have?!


                        Hopefully there is no Pac-Man icon in BMC's future templates which will try to gobble up the little fella!

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