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    RBAC export user / role into a csv file

    Maximilien Soullez
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      Hello, i'am looking for a way or a script to export roles and their members from RBAC, I was expecting an output in file "csv/xls", so be able to provide punctually a proof for internal security audit...


      I found this in the official documentation https://docs.bmc.com/docs/tssa89/how-to-export-and-import-rbac-users-and-roles-808908204.html

      And in communities the same thing https://communities.bmc.com/message/260077#260077

      This export output is not exploitable "humanly readable" it requires additional work to format and consolidate all the informations, it's a pity for a product "automation" ....  :/

      In short, this script (contributor) seems to date from 2012, would a more advanced version be available? would anyone be able to export this information directly into a humanly readable file or report?



      BLADMINS, BLAdmin

      RBACAdmin, RBACAdmin

      PatchingUser, user1

      PatchingUser, user2

      Readonly, user3


      Thanks for you help