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    [RemedyForce] - Managing user licenses

    rodrigo barcat
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      Good morning,


      I have some difficulties to understanding how to manage user licenses in RemedyForce. I was in the trial period and created several accounts to perform tests. With that, I used the SalesForce platform license totals as well as the RemedyForce licenses.


      Now I have an active account until 2020, and I started to register the (real) people that will be part of the support groups.

      My question is: I am trying to remove the platform license from some users that I previously registered, but the license combo is locked and I can't take the license to move to another.


      I even got it, but I needed to inactivate a user I had previously registered (in the tests) and created the new user with the license. But I need that the previously  user activate, only without license. These user are 2 different people.


      I believe the operation is correct, I just need to make sure of that.


      Now one more question. If today I have a support staff user and tomorrow it is no longer support but needs to use only self-service, how do I get off the license that is registered to the user?...