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    Deploying Windows 10 SP1903 - Failing

    Steve Hobbins
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      Hi All


      We have used patch deployment to deploy service packs in the past with no issue or manual interventions by simply downloading the right flavour ISO and loading it into the server and off we go.


      We are trying to do the same thing now with SP1903 and this is failing to deploy.


      2019/11/05 10:49:38 PatchManagementPremium I   Patch 'Windows10x64Enterprise1903.iso' was received

      2019/11/05 10:50:20 PatchManagementPremium I   Starting patch group execution (1169)

      2019/11/05 10:50:20 PatchManagementPremium I   Patch installation in progress (1903/00001f7b-0001-0000-0000-000000000000)

      2019/11/05 10:51:07 PatchManagementPremium D   Patch 1903 (status Failed) returned code 1 (External Error Code (1))

      2019/11/05 10:51:07 PatchManagementPremium I   Patches execution finished

      2019/11/05 10:51:07 PatchManagementPremium I   Managed reboot: Prepared safe reboot popup options: 15 minute(s) initial time and 900 minute(s) maximal time.


      I get the BMC dialog and countdown but then absolutely nothing happens (not even the reboot counter), and the status drops into 'Some patches failed'.


      Has anyone managed to get this running or have any suggestions? I have manually installed this ISO on my machine and it has worked ok so i know the ISO is good. There are a few dialogs to click through before it installs however so just wondering if these are new compared to old service packs and its those that are halting the install!?!


      Thanks in advance!