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    Delete all entities imported by the Gateway VIS File Parser

    Michael Rees
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      Does anyone have a step by step guide to deleting all entities imported by the GW VIS File Parser's?


      It seems that since we had issues upgrading the GW Server from Windows 2008 to 2012 r2, which caused an issue with the BMC_GMService.exe service (it would not start under 2012 r2) we finally upgraded to 2016 and under BMC support guidance I removed all GW software version's re-installed GW v11.5.01 and applied the latest fixes. I then re-applied all my agent list files using the Gateway server agent list configuration wizard.


      It was working fine for a few weeks but now my GW VIS File Parser's are behaving oddly, I'm getting messages such as "No vis files present for this manager run [AgentListname.msf] - remote directory D:\Program Files\BMC Software\Patrol3\BEST1\NTC\local\workarea".


      So I'm questioning whether the GW VIS File Entity catalogue is corrupt, and the only way to rectify this is to delete all imported GW VIS Parser entities and start again?

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          Dima Seliverstov

          It does not look like an entity catalog issue. The information regarding the contents of the vis file directory is obtained from the msf file and the patrol scheduler.

          The error message is a result of the  ETL runing and no vis file being  present. The remote directory looks suspect.

          My suggestion is to open the ticket with support.

          Identify the name of the run.

          Collect the Status and Recovery Run Information for the run.

          Collect the manager run log as well as the ETL logs.