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      • 15. Re: DWP Catalog Targeted Receive Task
        Marek Ceizel

        john, i will surely test it.


        i just hope there is some solution. otherwise only timer solution left

        DWP Catalog Workflow - check anything in real time





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          Hugh Fairfield

          No. Process correlation id is distinct for each branch of the work flow. So in the process I had diagrammed, there would be 2 records in the SB:ServiceRequestStub with the same process correlation ID. When there are status changes, it should trigger the call back to DWPC to the same receive task to start progressing (this is the piece I haven't tested. From there, the track external activity would get the status of the 2 work orders and proceed based on how you want it to.


          A little clearer?



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          • 17. Re: DWP Catalog Targeted Receive Task
            Marek Ceizel

            thanks Hugh Fairfield. yeah now it is really clear.

            howevever i'll make some tests. it is strange that Johns example works too (as he wrote).lets see.


            btw-is there planned some change in this/receive task. you know, one gateway and even your tip will not help


            Because if I understand it right, then in following workflow (which is of course just an example):


            the receive Task should never be triggered as after gateway the Receive task doesn't observe any of the two WO's correlation id.......right ?





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              Marek Ceizel

              Hello Hugh Fairfield

              Hello John Gallagher


              I did a detailed testing with following workflow:


              I wanted to be sure therefore so much tickets

              Important is that I can (fortunately) confirm the receive task reacts to EACH ticket (stub entry). My Get Entry was getting the WO2 ticket. I got In-App notification after any ticket status modification.


              It is probably like Receive Task is observing only the first part of Correlation ID which is also the same for all tickets. In my test:

              WO1 - WO0000000000567


              WO2 - WO0000000000566


              WO3 - WO0000000000568


              INC - INC000000000609


              Create Entry



              You can see only the last part differs.


              This is actually a good behavior which leaves us to do what we need as the Receive Task is actually a waiting step for anything from Stub form.


              Thanks a lot guys for discussion.



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                John Gallagher

                Excellent Marek,


                Glad it’s working for you !




                • 20. Re: DWP Catalog Targeted Receive Task
                  Marek Ceizel

                  Hello John Gallagher,


                  Thanks a lot. However, I would like to know more about the External Activity Step. Here I could use a standard Get Entry but there is surely some specific usage of the element you used



                  best regards


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