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    Track-It! 2019 Report Wizard Error using the Summary Field / Function

    Ken Soszka
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      When creating a report with the Report Wizard in Track-It! 2019 R3, the resulting report seems broken if I include a Summary Field (step 4 in the Define Report Layout section). In this case, this is what I chose in the wizard:


      Report Type:

      Table Report


      Data Source:

      Track-It! Data Source


      Ticket Fields:

      Ticket ID

      Ticket Summary

      Assigned To Full Name


      Expected Due Date Time


      Group Field:

      Assigned To Technician


      Summary Field:

      Ticket ID


      Summary Function:



      Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.


      But, if I create the same report and leave out the Summary Field, it runs correctly:



      I'm not sure if I am doing something wrong, or if there might be some other issue. The goal is to have a count of the number of tickets for each Technician in the report too.


      Thanks for any help!