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    IS-IS Peer Flapping

    Osama Majeed
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         please i need to know how to do rule for IS-IS Peer Flapping on entuity .... if any one have this case before it will be appreciated if he share it

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          Laurence Balon



          There is a similar rule in the EMS for port flapping. You can use the same logic to configure a new rule for IS-IS flapping. However, the port flapping rule uses a combination of both SNMP polling and trap processing. This is not going to be possible with the IS-IS rule. You can still use a Flapping Detection rule but the time frame for detecting port flapping will have to be extended to around 20 minutes (4 polling cycles).


          To enable a rule for IS-IS flapping, you will first need to create a new event and a new incident. Go to Administration -> Event Administration and select Events. Click New to create a new event. Name the event IS-IS Flapping, change the severity to something other than Informational. Click the box to add an incident definition. Configure the incident name to be the same as the event name. Click OK to create the event and incident.


          Next, click the Incidents tab. Locate the incident named IS-IS Flapping. Click Edit to edit the incident. Click the Add button in the Closed by any Of field. Add the IS-IS Peer Established event as a Closing condition. Set the ageout and expiration times. This example uses 3600 seconds (1 hour) for the ageout and 86400 seconds (1 day) for the expiration time.



          Next, click the Rules tab. Select the Flapping section and expand it.



          Select Add Rule and then Flapping Detection as the Rule type.




          Name the rule. In the Detection section, select IS-IS Peer Disappeared and set the event count to 2. Select IS-IS Peer Established and set the event count to 2. Set the Derived Event to IS-IS-Flapping.



          Save and deploy the project.