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    Integrating BMC TNA with Grafana Dashboard builder

    Paul Ryan
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      BMC Truesight Network Automation

      Version b196 u027



      I would like to create Live dashboards using Grafana Dashboard Builder and access the TNA Postgres database directly giving visualizations of the following


      how many Realms there are

      how many devices are active in each Realm

      How many devices are online

      how many devices are offline

      how many devices have had a successful snapshot in the last week

      how many devices have unsuccessful snapshot in the last week

      how many users are currently logged on and active



      would appreciate if someone could provide assistance in the database architecture or Postgres queries for me to achieve this.

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          Greg Michael

          It's been my experience that BMC Support does *NOT* share the database Entity Relationship Diagram.  If someone else has mapped it out, perhaps they'd be willing to share, but I don't know that you'll get any help specifically from BMC.


          That said, if you have TrueSight Smart Reporting or BMC Decision Support for Network Automation, you might already have some or all of the information you're looking for.

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            Scott Hinote

            You can get this information from the API. We pull some of those same metrics to true up our inventory with applications from other vendors. If you write python or some other scripting / coding language or have a developer you can pull the data in json format then parse and insert into your own local database for integration with grafana. We are inserting into MySQL and Oracle for use by other applications.


            You will get the same data that is in the database and the API is well documented. Support will also help you with questions you have related to the data that is extracted.

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