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    BMC Remedy login credential for trial version

    Barun Kumar Singh
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      I am new to BMC remedy, I have created a trial account for Remedy ITSM, it has provided me a link which redirects to the ITSM dashboard. The problem is this dashboard gets login without any credentials. Could anyone suggest me is there any way to set credentials for this account?


      The goal is to access create an incident with the rest API and in order to do that we need credentials like username and password. or is there any other way to achieve the incident creation process using BMC remedy Rest APIs.


      Here is the link of that dashboard: https://helix-itsm.trybmc.com/smartit/app/#/

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          Karl-Anders Falk


          when you subscribe to Helix, you will have to login to access the service, the trial is a system shared by everyone and the login process has been automated, filling in the username and password.


          Most customers integrate Helic with their  own IdP (identity Provider) using SAML.

          When using the REST-api, most customers create a "service account" that requires username/password.

          The trial system does however not support testing REST api calls.


          Please reach out to a BMC Account Manager to discuss option if you need to validate REST-api


          Best Regards



          BMC Helix Business Relationship Manager

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