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    "Audit Now" fails with error "The network path was not found."

    Sean Mawhinney
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      I've been having some trouble recently auditing computers with Track-It! 11.4. On some - but not all - Windows machines, selecting "Audit Now" from the Technician Client's inventory module results in a failed audit, giving the error "Failed to connect to the networked resource with the supplied credentials." The message under Support Details says "The network path was not found."

      Here's the information I've gathered so far:

      • The Workstation Manager is installed on the remote machine. Running the audit from that computer successfully updates the device information in Track-It.
      • The Windows Defender Firewall has both Track-It! and File and Printer Sharing allowed.
      • The remote machine can ping the Track-It server and vice versa. Both device names resolve to the correct IP addresses.
      • The credentials used by Track-It to install/run the audit are correctly listed as an administrator on the remote machine.
      • The remote machine is online and connected to the internet at the time of the attempted audit.
      • Both the remote machine and the server are on the same domain.
      • The services Track-It Workstation Manager, Secondary Logon, Remote Procedure Call (RPC), and Server are all running on the remote machine.
      • Looking at the traffic using Wireshark, the remote machine receives several packets from the Track-It server, but doesn't send any back.

      I am, frankly, at a bit of a loss. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you very much.