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    Self Service Simplification

    Vandana Rattan
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      Hi Experts,


      We want to simplify Self Service portal for the end users. Currently they have options to "Raise a Ticket" and "Submit a Request". We want following:


      1. Bucket both submitting a ticket and request together as "Submit IT Ticket". I understand that we can rename tiles but how will differentiation between request and incident work then?

      2. When Submit IT Ticket button is clicked open a form which asks them questions:

      • Is something broken
      • Do you require something

      3. Depending on the option selected in 2, further fields should be shown OR if:

      • Is something broken is selected then open the form to submit incident.
      • Do you require something is selected then open a form which displays a dropdown with options like: Password reset, Access to shared folders, etc and then further fields be displayed what is selected from this dropdown.


      How can this be achieved?


      If I create a Lightning component, is it possible to open this on click of a custom tile? If so how should this be configured?


      Can we open Submit Incident form from a custom Lightning Component when a particular dropdown value is selected?


      Apologies for asking too many questions but I have been investigating this for long and have not been able to conclude.