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    Problems with migration

    Sonia Pintado
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      Good Morning


      I am trying to migrate from track-11 to trackit20.19.03 but when I do the process to migrate the assets I get the following error:



      The Client Management service is up.


      The 3 Trackit services are also up.


      Trackit 20.19.03 is installed on a windows2016 server and the database is installed on the same server and is sql express 2016.


      Trackit11 is installed on a windows 2012 server with a database that is installed on another server and is sql 2008.


      Could you help me to solve the problem I have with asset migration?


      Thanks a lot


      Sonia Pintado Sevilla

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          Cris Coffey

          Only thing I can think of is maybe the TCP connection. Go back to the first screen of the migration tool where it asks for credentials. There is a note in red that mentions TCP connections need to be allowed on the SQL servers. Check that in SQL Configuration and verify it for the Track-It! 2019 / Client Management SQL server. If that is correct, then you will probably need to contact support for some more in depth troubleshooting. You can find options for contacting them at support.trackit.com.