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    Time Series charts based overview page creation in TSPS ?

    sameer sayed
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      Currently trying to create a page in TSPS with charts for each entity with the charts representing 3 metrics for that said entity.

      I.E wanting to create a chart based overview page.

      There are 12 entites in total that we want to show in the overview, so the following is the expected result:

      - 12 charts with 3 metrics on each chart.


      The metrics are time series, so donut viz doesn't apply.

      Was able to create a golden analysis in TSCO and was able to create the template from that.

      But it doesnt seem to be accessible in the TSPS


      Any help will be appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.



      P.S we are on TSCO 11.5.01 version CHF 4

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          Mahesh Mulye

          Hi Sameer,


          Currently there is no out of the box template that can get you, such type of view. However there are possible workarounds, assuming we are looking at the small subset of same systems every time.


          1. Based on "System data explorer" template. You would need to add a separate page for each server. For each page, select a "Default System" while choosing to "Apply lock". Each page will contain only 1 chart with metrics of interest added on that chart.


          2. Based on "System group data explorer" template. Here, you could have a chart per metric, and all systems appearing in the same chart. This way you could compare a metric across systems in a single chart.


          3. Based on "Data mart explorer" template. Create a SQL data mart that only contains one system representing the metrics you want. Create such data mart per system and use the same per chart.


          You can kindly submit an idea for your proposal.