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    problems with mail tickets creations

    Jose Sereno Perez
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      In every customer that we have migrated/installed Track-it 20.xx we have very big delays on mail isues creation over 7 minutes delay between the mail appears in the mailbox.


      We have apply all recommendatiosn sended by support, including change in namsysproperties the values by this query


      update [dbo].[NAMSYSPROPERTIES] set value = replace([value],'60','30') where NAME = 'namMBLMailParams'


      We have try with Exchange and Gmail services including HmailServer and the behaviour is the same.



      Is there any way to improve this behaviour to pre track-itversion 2017 times?


      Thanks a lot



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          Cris Coffey

          There are 3 things that impact the time it takes for mail to process.

          1. Time and job settings in the email monitor
          2. Number of "read" emails in the mailbox
          3. The number of other rules you have running (not much you can do about this if you have a lot of complex scenarios)


          I am not sure the reason for the query above. I would recommend simply logging into Track-It!, selecting Configuration from the menu, selecting Email Configuration and then Email Monitor Settings. From there, reduce the Poll interval down low to something like 10 seconds and increase the emails to process to something higher like 20. Then select the Business Rules section and click on Job Monitor Settings. In here, change the poll interval to 10 seconds and the jobs to 20. Lastly, check out the inbox that Track-It! uses for email. If there are thousands of read mails in that box, this will cause email processing delays as well. Check out this kbase article for more - Track-It! 2019 Email Monitor - various incoming email performance issues when email is left in the Inbox after processin…

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            Jose Sereno Perez

            Hello Cris and thank for your quick answer,


            Actually we have several scenarios, but in an environment with this configuration


            - complete clean install

            - all times from mail processing (60 seconds) and jobs processing(120 seconds) by default,

            - a mailbox with just 2 mails

            - just 2 rules activated (create new ticket and closed tickets notifications)

            - a gmail free account


            The delay is more than 7 minutes.


            And is one of our smallest environment


            Its normal a delay like this? sveral customers are requesting us any clarification on this point


            Thanks a lot



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              Cris Coffey

              Use the suggestion I made above to lower the scan interval times and increase the jobs processed and it should help. There could also be a slight delay from gmail.

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                Bryan Johnson

                Hi Jose,


                We experience the same delays.  After watching the logs, what we determined is that it's a mult-step process. 


                1. The email monitor must detects the new message.  This frequency is governed by the poll interval set on the Email Monitor Settings page
                2. The email monitor creates a "New Email" job for the Job Monitor
                3. You now have to wait for the Job Monitor to detect the email in the queue. This frequency is governed by the poll interval set in the Job Monitor Settings page
                4. The Job Monitor will see the new email and evaluate it against all Business Rules.  This step, and subsequent steps, are visible in the Business Rule Event Viewer
                5. If the email matches any rules, then the actions of the rules are placed in the job queue, and you have to wait for another poll interval
                6. At the next poll interval, any actions from the business rules are performed.  Notifications are put in the Job Queue
                7. If there's a resultant notification from the action, then you'll finally get the notification after the next poll interval.


                Most of our emails+rules+notifications take 3-4 turns of the crank plus the email poll interval before we get the desired outome.  So we're forced to endure a slow processing loop, or risk overwhelming the system by polling too frequently.  I'm not sure if it's the intended behavior, but once we figured out how it works, it made all the difference our expectations and in debugging our businss rules.