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    BMC Helix Remedyforce Process Suggestion

    Lloyd Alvin Santiago
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      Hi All,


      Need your suggestion. I'm currently doing POC in our company to show the value of Remedyforce to convince our management to purchase the solution. I need your suggestion as I'm having a difficulty. maybe you can recommend some best practices.


      Organizational Structure:

      -     1 Administrator (Service Desk System Administrator)

      -     1 Technical Manager (Service Desk Staff)

      -     1 Technical Supervisor (Service Desk Staff)

      -     1 Customer Support (Service Desk Staff)

      -   40 Technical Support (Service Desk Client)

      -   20 Sales Representative (Service Desk Client)



      -     To use Remedyforce as our main ticketing solution for presales and postsales activities


      Current Process:

      -     Sales Representative will request a Technical Support (ex. Presentation, Demo, POC, etc...)

      -     Customer Support will review the request and check the availability of Technical Support

      -     Customer Support will acknowledge the request and assign a Technical Support

      -    Technical Support will fulfill the request of Sales Representative

      -     Technical Support will update  the ticket


      Now, I'm looking for a way for the Technical Support Team to monitor ticket of the assigned product that they are handling (not only tickets that are assigned to them, but also ticket that are assigned to their team). Is there a license type that or profile that I  can add to Service Desk Client User to allow them at least a read only permission to check the tickets? I can create a filter in the console for every product so they can't view other products. this can be simple if we're going to assign a Service Desk Staff to Technical Support Representative but we have limited license so it's not possible for now.


      any thoughts would be really appreciated.




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