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    Application-Get-Next-Recurrence-Time with recurrence custom form

    Chantale Simard
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      Under ARS 7.6, I've created a custom form with all field from 2300 to 2341 for the recurrence management which is called Support-GenerationActivites.


      I've create an active links that calculates a date based on the recurrence which was something like : $PROCESS$ @@:Application-Get-Next-Recurrence-Time "Support-GenerationActivites" "9/5/2019 12:00:00 AM" "$Recurrence Tag$


      Now, I'm migrating to ARS 18.05. The problem is that, even if I put "Support-GenerationActivite" as the form to look ak, it always says that my recurrence time is not found in the Business Time Segment form (which I'm not using).


      Anyone can help ?