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    IMS Deadlocks

    Hugo Obert
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      we see in Mainview lots of Deadlocks  concerning DBT-Region always same PSB and the same IMS-DB (six DBT-regions showing the same Database and PSB), but nothing happened.

      Its a development IMSPLEX with Blocklevel sharing.  Kill the CICse -AS solve the problem, but its for future a bad solution.



      two questions:

      1. what kind of analyses will be the best (DFSERA10 or RMF -reportort, IRLM-AS LOG)

      2. why we get no U0777 Pseudo abend in the DBT -AS



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          Jesse Richardson

          Successfully moved to MainView community so community product experts can help

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            Graham Fox

            Hi Hugo,


            I would suggest that you open a case for this under the Mainview for IMS product and we will take a look. As a first look at the problem I would suggest you send in a copy of the IMS SLDS covering the time frame of the locking problem with names of PSB / DB involved. We can review the IMS Log records and Mainview FA records as a starting point. Also, check out when the problem is occurring the views for IRLM using command, views il* , here is the list here:


            ILKREQMVIMSGraphIRLM Lock Requests         
            ILKRGLST  MVIMSIRLM IRLM Region Lock List      
            ILKRGLSZ  MVIMSIRLM IRLM Summarized Lock List  
            ILKRGSUM  MVIMSIRLM IRLM Region Lock Summary   
            ILKRGWT   MVIMSIRLM IRLM Region Lock Wait List 
            ILKRSLST  MVIMSIRLM IRLM Resource Lock List    
            ILKRSSUM  MVIMSIRLM IRLM Resource Lock Summary 
            ILKRSWT   MVIMSIRLM IRLM Resource Lock Wait List
            ILKSTAT   MVIMSIRLM IRLM Statistics            
            ILKSUMR   MVIMSIRLM IRLM Subsystems            
            ILKULLST  MVIMSIRLM IRLM Ultimate Holder List  
            ILKULTWT  MVIMSIRLM IRLM Ultimate Holder       



            and take some screenshots to send in to the case. We look forward to hearing from you.




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              Hugo Obert

              first time to open a case, needs some time, may be you give me some hints.

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                Graham Fox

                I opened a case on your behalf. You should have received an email from our tracking system. I will follow up with you via that case.