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    19.100 release - buggy

    Robert Stinnett
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      So just trying to get a feel of others here, but for 19.100 has everyone else felt this has been an extremely buggy release?  We've fought many issues since upgrading the EM and AppPack to 19.100 -- the Server itself seems to be stable, but the other issues are just crazy.  We've opened up no less than 6 tickets so far, and this is after doing extensive testing.  Unfortunately, we cannot go back as we are already committed to this release, but this is a complaint I've raised many times - it seems regression testing is not being done.


      Some of the things we've run into...

      * AppPak has numerous bugs that were previously fixed, but are showing up again (i.e., hanging when searching SYSOUT)

      * AppPak is blowing up left and right on certain job types

      * Search function for string in AppPak has changed, and nobody at support can explain why.

      * EM is not showing all parameters for certain AppPak jobs (being told this will be fixed in 200)

      * EM is pulling in ALL variables for certain AppPak type jobs (what a headache)

      * Web interface is slow, buggy and re-focus issues are killing our users.

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          Bhanu Prakash Badiginchala

          Thanks for sharing this, Robert.


          Although we didnt go to 19.100 yet, bugs after upgrades (especially to the latest ones) has always been a risky business. I agree with your concerns on regression testing. We were caught off guard few months back - with a bug, in our Production!!


          Hope BMC realizes the impact of this (both to its clients & therefore to themselves) & does something about it.

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            Keyur Patel



            Thanks Robert for sharing your experience I agree with Bhanu's comment


            We are planning to upgrade 9.18 to 9.19, This will help us to make decision carefully in the future



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              Mike Landis

              We upgraded to on 11/2 and since then our Web Server hangs and eventually fails.

              This happens twice a week, and so far only during business hours.  From what we can tell something is using all of the java virtual memory. We have an issue opened with support. They have had us tweak several configuration files to change the amount of JVM being used, but so far there has been no resolution.  The only way to bring the web server back online is to reboot the server.

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                Paul Robins

                Does anyone know when FP2 will be out? We are currently on v9 which is already classed as Limited Support and less than 12 months until unsupported but it sounds like BMC are not providing a stable upgrade path.

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                  Jeffrey Jordan

                  We've had no issues I've seen on my dev install that has been going for a month or more but we don't use apppak stuff very much pretty much just using a custom job type for reporting is closest we come. I have it installed in a couple of places but usage of it isn't much at all - more I installed to test aws/azure stuff but we've not really used that yet.

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                    Mike Landis

                    FYI, Upon BMC's recommendation we had to take our memory up to 24 GB.  This has stopped the Web Server from failing, we have noticed that the usage is still increasing, but not at the rate that it was. 
                    Also, we have EM and Server on the same box, we are going to separate them to see if that will also prevent any future issues. 

                    We have been set up with everything installed on one server for a long time, has anyone ever moved EM off an existing server?  Any suggestions on steps we should take to eliminate issues and downtime? 

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                      Jeffrey Jordan

                      We have ours set to 12g mem w/ 4 cores - all ours are on same box of 1 for dev & 1 for prod including sql db

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                        David Brenchley

                        Control-M releases have been badly buggy ever since version 9. It has been a near constant headache for us over the last 3-4 years, leading us to suspend our policy of always moving to the latest release. I have raised probably a dozen or more issues over this time related to bugs in new releases. It's something BMC need to address in my opinion.