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    How can an event be streamed to subscribers when a device connects (or disconnects) from an agent?

    Patrick Kelly
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      We are following the guidance in https://docs.bmc.com/docs/TSInfrastructure/110/using-the-publish-subscribe-rest-approach-to-receive-events-719680260.html to receive monitoring events propagated by TrueSight Infrastructure Management servers for critical hardware failures. We would like to use a similar "publish/subscribe" notification approach to receive notifications whenever a device is newly connected to a Patrol agent, or whenever a device previously connected to a Patrol agent is no longer detected as active (i.e. responding to pings).


      Is there any built-in event that is generated whenever a Patrol agent detects a connectivity change (device disconnected -> connected, and device connected -> disconnected)? If not, how can such a capability be achieved?