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    Displaying links (instructions) in DWP Cat

    Jerker Billberg
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      I have a question to links, in the description field, in question designer.


      In SRM we can link a document that is placed on a shared drive in the Instructions field like this:

      <a href="\\Server_abc\Instructions\Changes\Guide_v1.3.pdf" target="_blank">--- Please see the instructions ---</a>


      Has anyone out there managed to create such a link in DWP Cat ?

      If yes, what values / parameters did you use in this four fields:

      I have tried with a bunch of combinations but I am not getting it to work.

      When I enter the path to the doc manually in the browser (\\Server_abc\Instructions\Changes\Guide_v1.3.pdf), the doc is displayed.


      Any input is highly appreciated.