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    Error while executing Remedy web service

    Bojan Furlan
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      While executing set operation of Remedy web service (I'm testing using SoapUI), I get an error that does not tell much, just


                     500 - Internal server error.

                     There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.


      In arapi log I get a long stack trace starting with:


      java.lang.NullPointerException: null

          at com.bmc.arsys.server.domain.service.impl.EntryServiceImpl.buildEntryWithAttachements(EntryServiceImpl.java:1318) ~[bundlefile:9.1.00-SNAPSHOT]

          at com.bmc.arsys.server.domain.service.impl.EntryServiceImpl.getEntries(EntryServiceImpl.java:1292) ~[bundlefile:9.1.00-SNAPSHOT]

          at com.bmc.arsys.server.domain.service.impl.XMLEntryServiceImpl.xmlSetEntry(XMLEntryServiceImpl.java:322) ~[bundlefile:9.1.00-SNAPSHOT]

          at com.bmc.arsys.server.facade.impl.XmlEntryFacadeImpl.xmlSetEntry_aroundBody8(XmlEntryFacadeImpl.java:70) [bundlefile:9.1.00-SNAPSHOT]

          at com.bmc.arsys.server.facade.impl.XmlEntryFacadeImpl$AjcClosure9.run(XmlEntryFacadeImpl.java:1) ~[bundlefile:9.1.00-SNAPSHOT]

          at org.aspectj.runtime.reflect.JoinPointImpl.proceed(JoinPointImpl.java:149) [bundlefile:1.8.4]


      I can see in Filter and SQL log that all required filters have executed at least for first two phases. Then, in SQL log, I can see that rollback command is executed.


      The form I'm using has plenty of fields, so I created a new one (export original form, import, delete unwanted fields) with just few fields that are important for the web service and created new web service to modify entry in this form. It works, but if I modify this service to update the fields in original form, I get the same error as before. I have seen in discussions there was a bug in ARS Remedy while consuming a web service from Remedy, but do not know how to apply the workaround in my case. We're using server version 9.1.00 201612090431.

      Any advice?