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    Truesight Monitoring configuration

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      Hi Team,


      We have installed Trusesight 11.3 version. Previously we are using BPPM 9.6 version and Patrol agent 9.6, 10.0, 11.0 versions.


      1)If i routing these servers, is it Patrol agent versions support?

      2)Previously we configured collector servers into BPPM CMA, So if i register these collector servers into Truesight, those all agents routing to truesight?


      It means I want to routing all monitoring servers to Truesight, so which process i will follow.

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          Brendan Murray

          Hi Venkateswara,


          1. PATROL agent versions 9.6, 10.0 and 11.0 are all compatible with TrueSight Infrastructure Management 11.3 as long as they are connected to a compatible version of the Integration Service.
          2. I will assume that by "collector servers" you mean Integration Services (IS). If your goal is to connect your BPPM 9.6 IS servers to TSIM and have the agent data flow into TSIM, that is not possible. TSIM 11.3 is not compatible with the BPPM 9.6 Integration Service. The oldest version of the Integration Service that TSIM 11.3 supports is 10.7.


          You can find detailed compatibility information for Infrastructure Management (TSIM), Integration Services (IS) and the PATROL agents in the online documentation. The matrices on this page describe which versions of each component are compatible with each other.


          BMC has a program to help customers upgrade from BPPM to TrueSight Operations Management. It is known as the AMIGO program and is provided by our Customer Support organization. All you need to do to start the process is open a support ticket requesting migration assistance. I strongly recommend that you take advantage of this program in order to ensure the smoothest possible upgrade from BPPM to TSOM.