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    Updating the slot using cell_tick interval

    Prasad Veerangan
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      Dear Team,


      I want to update a custom slot created for Entuity event after a certain time period. Done with the below logic. However, the rule is not getting processed for any incoming Entuity event?


      Please let me know if my logic is correct?


      execute Eye_Event: MC_CELL_TICK($I)

      using {

      EYE_EVENT ($EV) where [ $EV.custom_timer_flag == 'undefined' AND $EV.status equals OPEN AND $EV.severity equals CRITICAL AND $EV.mc_parameter contains 'Port Status Problem' AND ($EV.date_reception >= time_stamp() - 720 ) ]


      when $I.status within ["OPEN"]


      $EV.custom_timer_flag = 'OFF';

      ntadd( $EV, 'Celltickinterval has been executed');