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    Vmware vSphere monitoring solution

    Saddam Banihani
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      We want monitor the Virtual Machines under the Vcenter (x1),to do that we built 2 "VMware vSphere Infrastructure Policies" one using the agent on TSIS Server (Patrol01) and the another one using the agent on another TSIS Server (patrol02), when we enabled one of these policies ,this is leading to showing many VMs  as "Marked for Deletion" so we enabled the two policies to solve that.


      kindly help from Anyone knowing or having explanation this status??




      Saddam Bani Hani

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          Nir Yavin



          I think you need to better explain the issue.

          if you monitor the same set of VMs from 2 agents on 2 different hosts, then you may get double monitoring, that is true.

          it's not clear though, why you have 2 agents monitoring the same to begin with.


          it's possible you may get better result if you monitor based on ESXi connection and not the vCentre one.
          VSM KM support both methods of monitoring of course.