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    First Call Resolution - Capture Metrics in Smart Reporting from ITSM Incident Management

    Jerome Walker
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      Hello. I have been tasked to create a report in Smart Reporting that tracks number of Incidents created by (Tier 1) telephone helpdesk personnel, the number of those Incidents Resolved at that First Call (First Call Resolution), and the percentage of (ratio of) First Call Resolution/Submitted Incidents. There seem to be problems impeding this process:

      1. In Smart Reporting there is a time difference by days calculated field and one by seconds also, but they don't seem to help.

      2. "Submitter" sometimes has "Remedy Application Service" in the field, which seems like a WORTHLESS and INACCURATE piece of data that just RUINS metrics. (AR_ESCALATOR doesn't exactly help either.)


      I see that other BMC applications seem to have a First Call Resolution checkbox? Does ITSM have it, in Incident Management and/or elsewhere?


      Even if there is no such button in Incident Management in ITSM, I am guessing the customer would even accept a way to capture numbers of Incidents resolved and  submitted by these personnel, and Resolved within a certain number of minutes... not hours or days but minutes of Submission.


      Thank you very much,


      Jerome Walker