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    Handling 30 cells within TrueSight

    Markus Siegenthaler
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      Hi all,


      I'm wondering if someone has the same issue:

      We have around 30 cells that we could deal with IX. Means we had all cells within IX visible.

      In the TrueSight Operator console we were not able to connect to those 30 cells.

      We have a workaround  with a mcell_reduced.dir that we could use to have only around 10 cells connected. But with this we can't connect to the other 20 cells.

      So we have to use IX (we are aware that IX is no more supported) so we can fully administer all cells.

      Does soemone has the same problem? How to you handle it if you have many cells that could not be connected at the same time to the TrueSight Operator Console?


      Would be great to hear some feedback.


      Thansk and cheers


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          Stewart Crighton

          I have a rather larger environment as well.


          Current count is 13 TSIM Servers, each of which has its own Normalization and Enrichment cells.  Then I have a set of Integration cells that only are there to accept events and forward them to the Normalization cells.


          On my central Management TSIM Server I only have the Enrichment cells in the mcell.dir.  This central MGMT server is what I use to send events to the TSPS to be managed by the operations staff.


          If I ever want to connect / manage another cell, I just use the command line interface to do it.


          What are you finding that you need to do via the Operator Console / IX?


          Some updates you might want to consider:

          1. Update the mcell.conf file in your cells to not create events for mposter being issued.  This will enable you to update / close massive numbers of events without creating a new event flood.





          A good example of using the mposter command; that does not work well unless the above updates are made:

          for ev in `mquery -q -n cell -a MC_CELL_MODIFIED_EVENT -w "status: == OPEN" -s event_handle`; do mposter -q -n cell -u $ev -b "status=CLOSED"; done


          That loop will close the open MC_CELL_MODIFIED_EVENTs, but for every mposter command issued a new one will be made.  After the conf updates, it works like you would expect it to.


          2. Update the pnagent and pnrate conf files to a limited set of cells.  Those processes do not need to know about all cells, and will perform better if they only have what they need to connect to.




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            Markus Siegenthaler

            Hi  Stewart,


            thanks for your reply.


            It was easier to handle all those cells in IX if you check for example an event from a certain customer, then you want to check a DDA entry, and this over all 30 cells. You could do that in one GUI. This is the reason.


            Also thanks for your tipps