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    Newest version of Track-It! - New employee checklist suggestions?

    Dave Curzio
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      Hi all,


      I manage a very small IT department and we use Track-It.  I would like to have a template for new users which lists all of the possible things that they would need to do for a new user and either indicate that it was done or mark as NA.  I know Track-It has assignments but that spawns individual tickets which would be awesome for bigger IT departments that have different groups that handle different things (like a telephony group, individual application groups, etc.).  In our department the tech handles it all.


      I know that Track-It supports some custom text fields which I could utilize in a form, but I am not sure it would do enough fields for what I need.  I thought about using the additional information field, but I am not sure I can add line breaks in the template.


      How are some ways that you all accomplish this in your environments?