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    Purchase Order Migration logic for comments field and Notes field from 11.4.1

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      We recently migrated all our Purchase order data to the new 2019 R3.  The issue I see is the following on the logic of migration and need confirmation.



      If comments exists in 11.4.1 and no note the mapping to 2019 is the following


      11.4.1          2019 R3


      Notes = NULL


      11.4.1          2019 R3

      Comments has data

      Notes has data

      Ignore comments copy Notes= Summary.  


      I was able to validate this by review of PO that we migrated that had a comment and no note in the 11.4 system.  However, if a PO had both a comment and a note only the note was migrated skipping the comments value.  It seems the migration tool has 2 fields mapped to the Summary field.   I opened a case on this to confirm..  I do not see a way to bring over the comments from our old track it system that had a note come across vs the comments value.   I was surprised to see a double mapped field based on what I see as the end results of the migration.