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    How to Restart All of Remedy, With One Click!

    Adam Lawson
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      I've been working with hundreds of people over the past few months on their Remedy deployments, and one of the most painful things that I have to deal with is that awkward 10 minute window that it takes for someone to log into 5 different systems, stop services - start services, and fumble around waiting for things to start.  How would you like to do this with one click, across all servers, and then go get you a cup of water while you let Windows handle the rest?


      Today is your lucky day.


      Here is my script that I use on a daily basis to restart my entire environment.  And I decided with my free time, today I'm going to write a article and post it.  So download it and be sure to use it to make more time for yourself!


      Requirements: The user that runs this needs access and permissions to log in and stop/start services on the target system.  Sorry, this is for Windows only.  If I get at least 10 people that want a REHL .sh to do the same, I'll be glad to do so.


      How to use, download the attached .txt file, and rename it to a .ps1 file.  Update the server names, and the service names to match your environment.  If you did a clean install, or haven't modified it yourself, the names should be very close.


      This will stop all services, wait a appropriate amount of time, then start them all back up again in the right order so they register with the database correctly.


      In this example, REM1902-01 is my Admin server which owns all operations.  REM1902-02 and REM1902-03 are "User facing".  MT1902-01 and MT1902-02 are user facing Mid-Tiers (you can use the same if you use SmartIT/DWP)  REM1902-01 is a "Admin facing" Mid-Tier.


      If you would like, you can rearrange things, add a few more pauses, and create a version where you only take down 1 component at a time to remain in high availability.  Also, even if you only have 1 server in a dev environment, this can be useful by simply restarting all your processes instead of you having to click through all of them.  This can also be added to a regularly scheduled task in Windows to make these weekly to ensure that your users don't have to deal with the oddity's that occur once a system has been up for 70 days straight!


      If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns just reply.


      In closing, no more excuses!  Stop manually restarting Remedy and start saving hours per week!

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          Vikas Mahamuni



          Have you checked the Quick Links --> Remedy Management Console --> AR System Server Group Console --> Manage Processes(Click on All Radio Button)



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            Adam Lawson

            Thanks for the reply.  I have, but often times this causes a hang when AR System restarts with other components (in my experience), which results in some processes being left in a state where they can not be restarted.


            This console is great for restarting individual processes, but not for doing all of them.


            Not to include, my script is one click and everything restarts, freeing up some time in the day instead of clicking through several menus to still have to monitor the system.


            To each their own though, my point of this is lets stop spending 10 minutes clicking on "stop" and "start" and just take 5 seconds and let the computer do the rest.