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    Form Definition Table in Trackit 20.19?

    Tasha Helton
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      Hi, I am looking for a form definition table. For instance, I would like to know what triggers the responded date and time to populate a ticket. Same with expected Response date, last modified and responded technician. I would also like to know the dependencies. For instance, I believe the "expected" response date is the open date of the ticket plus the priorities time = expected.


      You see this ticket -- it is closed but for some reason, although this ticket was emailed to the requestor and assigned the responded date and technician are not populated. This field was set to their default of read-only. I would like to know also how these vary from 11.4. A conversion table between the versions would be helpful. For instance, there used to be a date responded but I am not sure where that is in the new form. If it is "responded date and time" then why is it not populated?

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          Cris Coffey
          Track-It! 11 Field Name
          Track-It! 2018/2019 Field Name

          Modified Date

          Last Modified

          Populated automatically with the date and time the record was last modified and saved
          Expected Response DateExpected Response Date & TimePopulated automatically by SLA or Priority selection
          Date RespondedResponded Date & TimeDate and Time the Technician Responded to the Ticket
          Responded ByResponded By TechnicianTechnician who Responded to the Ticket


          The one big difference in Track-It! 2019 is how the entry of the Responded Date & Time and the Responded by Technician works. These fields are populated automatically by the system when the responding technician clicks the Actions menu button (looks like a lighting bolt) in the Ticket and selects the Responded option.



          In Track-It! 11, we tried to predict when a technician had responded based on certain fields changing, notes entered, the type of note, an email sent, etc. but every customer had different opinions on which fields should be entered or what actions should be taken to consider the ticket "Responded To". There was also no way for a technician to simply mark the ticket as responded if they needed. In Track-It! 2019, the technician simply uses the menu option to mark the ticket as responded when they actually respond (as defined by their company).

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            Tasha Helton

            This is very helpful thank you. However, it is not clear to me the responded by a technician. When does this occur and populate? I just did a test of what you explained with Responded and mine does not come up with anything as my name listed.

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              Cris Coffey

              Which version of 2019 are you on?  01. 02. or 03?

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                Tasha Helton

                Hi, Chris- I am on 20.19.02 and currently testing 20.19.03 which goes into production on the 18th.