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    Innovation Suite-the most simple example of Security Lable doesn't work, i really do not understand how it works

    Zi Sang
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      Hi Everyone,


      I have read many articles about security label, please see discussion:

      Re: Innovation Suite - How to let user only see the by themself created data records in Record Grid?

      Innovation Suite-How to set Record Grid to be visible only for people from the same team?


      I did the following most simple demo, and it does not work:


      1. In Data Record called "Request", created a security label.


      2. In Every Field of this Record, set Permission of Group for this security label.



      3.Create a Process, just used 2 Activities, first "Remove all Security Label", second one "Set Security Label", in "User Names" i just write a login ID "Test1" of test user.


      4. For test, i have 2 users "test user 1" and "test user 2", both only have the role "Network Secure Request User", which can change every field of the Request.

      Now i login as "test user 1" with LoginID "Test1", then created a new Record instance of "Request".


      5. Then i login as "test user 2" with LoginID "Test2" and because up till now, i haven't launch the process yes and no security label is added, I as "test user 2" can of course see the data created by "test user 1"


      6. So I then login as admin and launch the Process "set security label" manually, the process is "COMPLETED". After that, the record should only be visible to "test user 1"



      7. But, I then login as "test user 2" again, i still see the record! The Security Label does not work!!!


      Does anyone knows where is the problem?


      Thank you!


      Best regards