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    Innovation Suite- With ID of "Support Group", how to get each "Person" in this Support Group

    Zi Sang
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      Hi Every one,


      my use case:

      In the process of a Innovation Suite App:

      - I have a input variable "SupportGroupRecordID"

      - I firstly used "Get Record-Support Group", to get the Record of "Support Group" by "SupportGroupRecordID"

      - Then I need to do something to each Person in this Support Group and need to loop through them.


      So i need to use "Multiple instance loop" and in "loop input data", I need to get the "Get Record-Support Group" > Output > Associations > "Person"

      -> But here is the question, from output, there are many "Person", i don't know which one to use!






      I know there is many to many Relation between "Support Group" and "Person"

      But, how can i get all "Person" in a "Support Group", if i have ID of "Support Group" Record?


      2019-10-03 14_26_33.png


      Laurent Matheo Hi Laurent, do you know how to get that?


      Thank you!


      Best regards,