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    Very slow after updating to

    Christopher Dry
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      Has anyone else seen an issue after updating from 20.19.02 to 20.19.03, that the web front end runs very slow?


      The initial page load for the login page is fine but once I hit login it'll sit there "Authenticating user..." for over a minute. I'll see it load something in the web browser console after around 21 seconds, then various other parts after another 21-44 seconds. Once in, various things will sometimes hang or just take a while to open. It's just operating extremely slowly.


      I can't see any errors in any event logs, IIS logs, Track-It logs etc. The server is barely using CPU/Memory, it has been restarted multiple times.

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          Shradha Khandekar

          Hi Christopher,


          It is hard to tell what must be happening on your server without looking at the logs.

          I would suggest you open a case with our Support team and they can help you on troubleshooting this issue.

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            Edgar Paucar

            Was there a solution on this? I have similar symptoms. I was told it could be Indexing, but it has been occurring for about around 5 days. I have a ticket open with support.

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              Philipp Ernicke

              it would be great for the community if solutions would posted here. If you search for "Slow Track-It", the first thing you will find is this thread, which clearly has no solution, and Hit 2 is an article on Track-It 6.0.

              The fact that you are always referred to support and that there are hardly any solutions in the forum is not very satisfactory (my opinion).

              Christopher, were you able to solve your problem? I have the same problem and no real starting point.

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                Cris Coffey

                Hey Philipp, it is probably a good thing we don’t see a lot of posts about Track-It! being slow as that is a pretty good indication that not a lot of people run into that issue. Solutions are posted out here very often if the issue is clearly identifiable from a post and the solution is easy to explain and easy for the user to implement. In many cases however, the issue is environmental or configuration related in something in the users environment and that is the reason support needs to troubleshoot it. If there is a simple solution to a question, we certainly post it because it saves everyone time.

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                  Philipp Ernicke

                  Hi Chris,

                  You are maybe right, it seems that this problem does not appear very often. But in contrast to other BMC communities, I clearly notice that here are far fewer people active. In addition, many threads remain open. People will turn to support and the forum thread will not be completed. This is a pity.
                  The question is whether there are few problems or whether the problems are always reported to the Lvl3 support right away, because often there is no solution in the community anyway. But that certainly does not belong in this thread.


                  Nevertheless, this thread is a good example. The solution was never added here. I am sure that the solution can be found at the IIS or the database. There would certainly be a number of general points that I could check first before turning on support.


                  I will contact support and add general points here for the next one.


                  Kind Regards,

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                    Cris Coffey

                    I monitor the activity reports of all the communities here at BMC and Track-It! is consistently one of the most active communities we have. We have so much activity that it is sometimes difficult to respond to everything and for that I am sorry. We do our best to respond to all questions, our customers themselves even respond to many of them, but sometimes difficult issues go without a response. Many times that is because there is simply not enough information in the post to determine the root cause of the issue and propose a reasonable solution. Just like in this particular case. I am not aware of any specific fix to resolve a performance issue with Track-It! 2019 because there are no known performance issues with Track-It! 2019. It must be some environmental issue. It could be database related, server related, network traffic related or just about anything. In cases like this where there is no clear solution, support really is the best route. They should be able to dig through logs and do some troubleshooting with you to help you nail down the cause and get it resolved. Some questions are great for a community like this but the more difficult issues are much better handled through support.

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                      Philipp Ernicke

                      crazy, I really didn't expect that.


                      I am in the BCM community much more active and I find always someone who has already described the problem, including the solution. Of course not always, but quite often.
                      But I never find my problems when I take a look at the TrackIT community. Maybe my problems are too specific

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                        Cris Coffey

                        I believe this is because you are familiar with Track-It! and very technical so you are able to solve most common issues on your own. The ones you cannot solve are much more difficult making it hard to get answers from the community. :-)  However, I would encourage you to still keep posting them here and we will do our best to help you but we may have to refer you to support for these more complex issues. 

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                          Manish Gadgil

                          Posting a question on a very first slowness query:


                          What browser are you using when you see slowness? I suspect its chrome.

                          Did you try using Track-It! with Edge and Firefox and did you see the same issue ?

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                            Edgar Paucar

                            Glad this thread is alive, no one responded so I figure it was not active. To expand to my solution, issue I feel ended up been the browser, flush cache, close and relaunch the browser. Test with different browsers. There was some delay when indexing, but I feel that was only around 1 day. I did reboot the Track-It server and SQL Server after hours.



                            OS 2019 for Track-It and SQL

                            SQL 2016

                            Migrated from 11.4 to 2019.03

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                              Philipp Ernicke

                              Setting up scheduled database reindexing using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)


                              Hi Edgar, maybe a Maintenance Plan helps you with your problem.


                              Kind Regards,



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