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    Upgraded Trackit 20.19.03 and cannot create a ticket from self service

    Tasha Helton
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      Hi, I recently upgraded our test environment to 20.19.03 version of Trackit. A few things that you all should take note:


      1. All CSS and Images are removed back to the default when upgraded.

      2. I cannot create a ticket in self-service without an error when I change the phone number as a required field. I get "Failed to submit new Ticket. Error Code Web.SelfService.008". I have cleared the cache and restarted the infrastructure service and nothing seems to correct it. Originally, I thought this was due to the required fields but even removing them does not allow a ticket to create. Kind of important for users to be able to create a ticket. I am logged in as ADMINISTRATOR. I have tried another user and they are able to get in. I am not sure why it would vary.

      3. Same issue with Chrome not allowing the ticket forms to be searchable. YOU must clear the cache for your custom forms to work.

      4. My email rule and connection broke, therefore, I had to re-enable them however the email rule broke and will listen to the email, process it but then fails.

      5. The directory service seems to fail since I turned on the nightly scheduler. So far, the daily run at midnight causes the Trackit Mail Processor Job to hang. I am trying one more night to see if this is for sure true.


      That is all I have at the moment. I am sure I will find more.

      Thank you,

      Tasha Helton, CSM

      Systems Analyst | Technology Services

        Tacoma Public Schools, Central Administration Building
      E: nhelton@tacoma.k12.wa.us,